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Snake Attack!

I was running along the trail the other day when a large snake suddenly coiled, hissed, and shook its tail at me. I jumped clear as fast as I could, then paused and took...


Edible Plants

This article needs to be written. Can you do it? Will you? Let us know! Some things look edible, but how can you be sure? The mountain ash (or rowan) berries on the left,...



This Utah Valley-based novel is more about living fully, including facing your fears and many evocative outdoor adventures, than about vampires, which just happen to accelerate the character arcs of several memorable individuals. Order...


Black Diamond Mercury 75 Backpack

This is a supremely comfortable pack! The waist configuration is better than you can imagine until you try it yourself! Also, it’s enormous – perfect for a multi-day backpacking trip, yet comfy enough that...


Wasatch Wildflowers

A gorgeous book organized by color and flower type to make look-up quick and easy! $20 on Amazon, or discount from Hike the Wasatch!