Category: Logan Canyon


Riverside Nature Trail

After you round the first bend inside Logan Canyon, a dirt road to the right (you may park on the left, though) leads along the river (and becomes singletrack trail) all the way to...


Wind Caves

A very popular hike. It is especially beautiful in the fall. If you hike it in the summer, try to go in the morning or early evening, and avoid the heat. This is a...


Spring Hollow

Spring Hollow (just past 3rd dam) is so beautiful that many people describe it as spiritual. Continue above the paved picnic areas for an even more enjoyable experience.


Crimson Trail

The Crimson Trail leads you from Spring Hollow (3rd dam) to Guineva CG (or vice versa) along the top of a dramatic and beautiful cliff band. One of the best hikes in the canyon...


Jardine Juniper

Jardine Juniper (aka Old Juniper) begins from Wood Bridge up Logan Canyon, and provides an enjoyable and not-very-steep hike/bike to a tree reputed to be over 1500 years old, making it the oldest-known Rocky...


Temple Fork

Description: Distance: Elevation gain: Steepness: (Mild, Moderate, Steep, Crazy Steep) Directions: Amenities: Notable Features: Fees: When to go: Mountains, lakes and other features accessed: Connecting & cross trails: PHOTOS GPX download from a one-way...