Author: Shaun Roundy


Snake Attack!

I was running along the trail the other day when a large snake suddenly coiled, hissed, and shook its tail at me. I jumped clear as fast as I could, then paused and took...


Lone Peak

Lone Peak is the dramatic cliff and mountain top dividing Salt Lake and Utah valleys. At 11,253′ above sea level, it stands nearly 7,000′ above the valley floors, and most approaches don’t waste too...


Jacob’s Ladder

Note: this map was recorded during a search and rescue operation from top to bottom of the Jacob’s Ladder route, but from only a mile or so past the wilderness boundary. It descends to...


Red Reef Trail

Note: this route turned left too early and made a slightly more difficult exit from the canyon to make the loop, so stay in the canyon farther than we did if you want to...


Cherry Canyon Logging Trail

a.k.a Bear Canyon. This map shows the route as far as Outlaw Cabin. This long, steep, switchbacking trail eventually leads to Lone Peak. After about 4 miles you pass through a mahogany forest, then...


Fort Canyon

Description: Distance: Elevation gain: Steepness: Notable Features: Amenities: Fees: When to go: Directions: Photos: Mountains, lakes and other features accessed: Connecting & cross trails: Download GPX:


Donut Falls

Description: hike up a nice trail to base of the falls, where you must scramble 100′ up the rock pile to the falls, which tumbles through a large hole worn through limestone to a...


Green Canyon

Drive (or hike, ride, ski…) east up Logan’s 1900 N into Green Canyon for beautiful nature and a few interesting features like a large cave/mine opening opposite the first picnic area, and a small...


Dry Canyon (Logan)

Dry Canyon, above Cliffside, offers pleasant, shady hikes for a ways before growing steeper as the trail climbs toward Logan Peak.